Four Different Types of Women's Handbags for Different Occasions

A handbag is a must-have accessory for every woman. You can use it to complete your clothes and keep your belongings (such as your cell phone, wallet, organizer, make-up, hairbrush, etc.) in an elegant way. However, not all  Women's Handbags styles are suitable for every occasion. Just like shoes, clothes, jewelry, and makeup, there are occasions that require you to wear certain types of handbags.

Carry bag

This type of bag is large and open, with a handle in the middle of each side of the bag. Handbags are usually made of strong fabric, leather, heavy cloth, jute, or heavy nylon. Its medium to large size is ideal for casual occasions such as a picnic, travel or a day out on the beach, which requires you to bring a lot of things like towels, books, portable umbrella, standby clothes, make-up, toiletries, baby care items , Beverage, Finger Food, Wallet, Pouch Change, etc.


This small handbag is perfect for evening events such as formal dinners, cocktail parties, and relaxation. Spending time with some close friends requires minimal fuss and you can easily get rid of lip gloss, cell phone and coins inside this stylish accessory. When it comes to clutches, there are many choices of colors to choose from, so you can easily choose the one that suits your clothes and your occasion. Some designers even offer matching sets of clutches and party shoes for an elegant and coordinated look.

Envelope clutch

The envelope bag is also ideal for having afternoon tea or coffee with your friends that don't require you to bring a lot of things. But unlike clutches, envelope clutches are more suitable for a casual day out rather than an evening occasion. You can match a pair of wedge shoes or ballet shoes to create a casual but elegant appearance. A Sunday lunch or lunch for all girls is the perfect occasion to enjoy your envelope in a bright and fun color.

Bag organizer

For work, you need an elegant handbag with enough space for all your office supplies such as stationery, organizer and business cardholder. If the bag is not elegant enough, you can choose an organized bag. The sleek and sturdy look of this special bag brings a professional touch. Work bags usually come in neutral colors like black, khaki and cream, but you can always choose to wear more vibrant colors such as plum, ruby or emerald.